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SOS Vendor Partners are an extension of our Team and provide our members cost savings on exceptional products, support, and services and are known for working with schools.  We do the work to bring you the “RIGHT” people.


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Welcome to SOS! SOS is a network of professionals set out to make a big impact for our members. SOS professionals serving in our nations best private and independent schools. How do we do this? By connecting school leaders with products, tools, and resources to move you forward.

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Our school has been a member of SOS for years. Amy is continuing to build upon and support our school with the help and guidance we need. As a third party, Amy offers unbiased support and guidance when we are faced with tricky issues. As Amy says, sometimes it is hard to view objectively what your live every day. Having a professional sounding board to navigate some of our more complex issues has more than paid for itself. Thanks Amy & SOS!

Our School’s Lifeline ,

SOS provides our team with the support and resources we need to succeed. Anytime we need help, we know we can pick up the phone and get the guidance we need. Thanks for supporting our school's success

Thanks SOS! Jesuit College Prepartory ,

The SOS Team, Amy Myers and Debbie Miller, assisted us greatly in helping us identify key areas of training/ discussion.  SOS took the lead on developing the training program  and training our leaders. In addition to this, SOS is available to consult with on other HR issues, offer help with drafting job descriptions, policies and much more.

Donna Bessette, HR/Benefits Coordinator Shorecrest Preparatory School St. Petersburg, FL

SOS provides meaningful support to the human resources functions of independent schools. Westminster has subscribed to SOS for the past six and during that time, SOS has provided timely legal updates and valuable HR assistance to our Human Resources department, saving us time and money.

Elizabeth Lunsford, HR Director The Westminster Schools Atlanta, GA